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Compliance Oversight

We understand the importance of trade compliance and have made sure our software is easy to use and constantly updated. We offer a product management system that makes it easy to see what needs to be looked at and when, as well as gives you a workflow to resolve any issues. Our system is customizable so you can give different access levels to different users, ensuring that everyone has the information they need. You can also track changes and create an audit trail, so you always have a record of what's been done.

Compliance Oversight

  • Tradeflow was created with compliance in mind. The different modules and capabilities complement each other in order to provide a complete net for our customers.
  • A customer will not be able to include a Restricted Party or an invalid Tariff code in a shipment. Tradeflow has checks in place to prevent that. 
  • Tradeflow also gets content updates periodically which promotes our trade compliance. 
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Tradeflow facilitates activities such as global product classification, landed cost estimation, regulatory controls research, compliance management, electronic booking, document creation, and restricted party screening. Our platform has four integrated modules that you work together in a flexible manner. Customize the platform to fit your needs rather than being locked into a long term contract.

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