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Shipment Management

The Shipment Management module is a tech-enabled, managed service designed to book shipments electronically, create import notifications, generate and upload documents and it also distributes the booking data and documents to Trade Partners. Available over the internet 24 hours a day, access to Tradeflow is controlled by an assigned administrator and system roles can be defined on a user basis. Shipment bookings are automated and documents and notifications are effortlessly distributed reducing miscommunication and cycle time disruptions.

I wanted to add my personal thanks and congrats for your hard work getting the ITRenew instance of Tradeflow populated and for completing the training. You all have done an excellent job guiding and landing our decisions on content, collaboratively pre-populating our instance, and advising and training us on how best to use the system. I'm very excited about finally getting the tool in place and in use! Thanks again for your outstanding support and teamwork!
– David Cook, Director of ITRenew

Reduce Errors

Eliminate redundancies by allowing controlled access to your vendor, broker, or forwarder

Assure integrity of the information used by pulling current product and trade partner data

Reduce communication errors and time-consuming calls, faxes and emails

Increase speed and accuracy through online bookings

Ensure Accuracy

Support trade compliance management software through Restricted Party Screening, Product Classification, License Determination and Document creation

Distribute documents to multiple parties simultaneously, and keep parties informed as information changes

Comply with import and export country requirements by displaying data and printing documents in multiple languages

Upload data from company ERP or other internal systems to book a shipment in seconds

Save Time

Decrease time spent processing shipment documents and reports that can be generated or sent via the Shipment Management module

Build booking templates eliminating repetitive data entry for recurring shipments

Allow resources to focus on value-added activities instead of attending to faxes or re-sending illegible documents

Improve efficiencies through automated document creation and distribution

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