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Product Management

Tradeflow’s Product Management module is a tech-enabled, managed service for importers and exporters to store information about the products they buy and sell, along with important cross border attributes. It acts as the central repository for a company’s global product classification compliance process.

Product Management Module Functionality


  • Flexible and powerful searching and reporting capabilities
  • Collaboration across departments or with external logistics providers and customs brokers
  • Use interactive work queues to assign products to various members of the supply chain
  • Upload existing product lists
  • Extract for reporting purposes

Trade Reference Module Integration

Tradeflow’s Product Management module is integrated with the Trade Reference module, our global trade content service, giving access to customs tariffs for over 160 countries.


  • Classify products for Harmonized Tariff Code, Export Control Numbers and US Export Schedule B
  • Evaluate current import and export restrictions
  • Perform landed cost estimates between multiple countries in minutes

Managing Data Elements

With about 150 basic product data elements, and 300 complex data elements available, managing your product records in Tradeflow covers your needs. Crossing customs borders means providing accurate data, and Tradeflow has a place to store this for sharing with key stakeholders.

  • Document attachments
  • Multi-classifications
  • Notes and back up material 
  • Partner government agency 
  • Customized fields

Cross-Border Product Attributes

  • Classification Codes (Harmonized System)
  • Duty Rates and Duty Reduction Programs
  • Packaging Information
  • Multi-Lingual Descriptions

  • Product Images
  • Other Government Agency Requirements
  • Anti-Dumping / Countervailing Cases

Integrate Data Securely

  • Tradeflow integrates electronically with customer ERP through customs compliance software and logistics providers.

  • Share controlled access with your vendors, customers, and service providers.

  • Create a comprehensive audit trail that shows detailed historical changes by user.

  • Access automated data integration with Expeditors’ customs declaration processing systems.
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