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Trade Reference

Tradeflow was created to serve as a comprehensive resource for managing trade compliance.  We provide instant access to harmonized system classifications, duty and tax options, free trade agreement savings, and more. With Tradeflow, you can quickly screen potential vendors and customers to see if they meet your requirements. Plus, our easy-to-use search feature makes it simple to find the information you need fast. 

What I like most about Tradeflow is the wide range of functionality. It provides me with various tools, such as classification mapping for different countries, duty estimates and the ability to maintain my database. I reside in this program daily as it is a very reliable tool.
– Zed Addison, Business Process Expert – International Trade & Customs Compliance | New York Air Brake



Extensive regulatory information for over 160 countries.

Tradeflow can be a resource to multiple members of your team: Buyers who need to estimate landed costs, Compliance Officers who need to complete trade party screening and determine classification, and Logistics Staff who are shipping goods to unfamiliar countries.


  • Compare different sourcing options to find the best deal possible
  • Determine the viability of selling in certain markets, so you can maximize your profits
  • Ensure all trade partners are legitimate and compliant with licensing requirements

Product Classification

HS Classification

Classify an item using the Harmonized System Code of that country

HS Mapping

Relate the HS number classified for one country to the HS number for another

US Schedule B

Find the US export classification by description or HS number


Determine the Export Control Number for dual-use goods

Estimated Landed Cost

Duty & Tax Quote

Determine duty, tax and fee rates without having detailed shipment information

Landed Cost

Input an invoice value, along with freight, insurance and other changes, to arrive at a detailed Landed Cost

Free Trade Agreements

Identify bilateral or regional agreements that offer duty savings over the default duty rate

Regulatory Controls

Restricted Party Screening

Run checks against the various country and international denied party listings, embargoes and other restricted lists

Import and Export Controls

Identify requirements or restrictions which are based upon the trading countries or commodities

Country Profiles

Link to helpful government websites for various countries, locate specific data helpful in the import or export process by country

Global Reference

Currency Conversions

Enable estimates in a number of world currencies

Document Forms Library

Utilize PDF templates for common documents

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