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Vendor Management

Our platform provides a centralized database for all product information and allows vendors to easily log in and contribute. This not only saves you time and energy but also ensures that your products are always up to date. You can easily search for products by keyword, category, or supplier. Plus, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to find what you’re looking for – even if you’re not familiar with the system.

Vendors/Manufacturers of Products

In managing a single, centralized database of products in the Product Management module, users may choose to identify the vendor and/or manufacturer of each product. To do this, the vendor/manufacturer is first added as a trade partner; then it is linked to the product through an upload file or manually in the system user interface. For products with multiple vendors/manufacturers, especially for those with different countries of origin, using the Trade Partner module is an integral aspect of defining the sourcing attributes (such as Country of Origin, Trade Programs, Anti-dumping, etc.)


Single Look Up in the Trade Partner Module

This solution is ideal for infrequent shipments from known trade partners. Similar to a One Time Verification, the user initiates this process to review a single party; however, it is run against a stored name and address record. This query gives the user the predefined search capability to screen a particular trade partner against the various government denied party lists. If there are potential matches found, the user can determine if any of the matches are valid and flag them accordingly. The user can flag the party as Not Matched; or if there is a match, the Trade Partner can be flagged as Restricted or Conditionally Matched (based on the circumstances). If no determination is made, the Trade Partner will remain in a Pending Review status. The system maintains an audit trail of all screenings in the organization’s Trade Partner database for future reference.


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