Trust & Security

Trust & Security

Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition to our platform. We know compliance inside and out, so you can be confident that your shipments will always meet regulatory requirements. We take our responsibility seriously and have put in place the necessary measures to keep your information safe.


Tradeflow is built on a strong foundation, backed by the Expeditors name in compliance.  When you switch to Tradeflow, you have the assurance of our financial stability, of a company with no long-term debt.  You will also work with a dedicated implementation team who knows compliance.

From the initial background check to mandatory training programs, our employees are prepared to serve you, the customer.  Instead of focusing on short-term gains, we’ve built long-term loyalty through our 20-year history because we offer practical assistance for every day needs.  Our customers stay with us because they see value in our solution and not because they are bound to long-term contracts.


We know that when you trust us with your business, you need a measure of security that your data will be protected.  Whether it’s through secure FTP (SFTP), secure login (HTTPs) or file encryption, when data is in transit, there is a layer of security built into the protocols.  Our administrators take great care as part of a robust cybersecurity program to guard against any external penetration threats.  Additionally, we back up our customers’ data daily to our disaster recovery servers at a remote location, to ensure your business continuity.

As needed, we are also available to answer questions in verbal or written form to provide assurances to your Information Technology support staff.  When you choose a new software system, we know you may need this extra level of confidence to get started. This is Tradeflow.